Fan Breaks Into Drake’s Home And Steals Soda And Water Because The Thirst Is Real


There seems to be a trend happening in which folks break into someone’s home – celebrity or not – and deem it acceptable to roam about and take up residence as if they’re paying the rent or the mortgage. Let the good folks here at tell you that behavior is unacceptable.

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Last week it was reported a Florida woman came home to find a strange man in her kitchen frying chicken and drinking her alcohol. Now TMZ is reporting a crazed Drake fan was charged with felony burglary for stealing – wait for it –Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji water.

On April 6 at about 10:30 p.m., someone from Drake’s camp found a 24-year-old woman in one of his bedrooms wearing one of his hoodies. When authorities arrived, the unidentified woman alleged she had permission to be there, but later came clean about breaking in. Law enforcement however couldn’t find any evidence of forced entry.

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The total amount of damage done hovers at about $10.

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