Never Too Late: Erykah Badu Finds Love In A Hopeless Place With ‘Boondocks’ Producer Carl Jones

The magic of love is that sometimes you never know when it will come your way. The case goes for the iconic Erykah Badu, who recently shared her devotion to the new man in her life, Carl Jones.

On Friday (April 14), the singer shared on Instagram her sentiments on her relationship along with a cute gif of the two. “I got a second, I mean third, I mean “forf” time at LUV!” Jones is a producer known for his work on the modern classic, The Boondocks along with Black Dynamite. He also voices Coach Bundy on the hilarious Comedy Central animated series, Legends of Chamberlain Heights.

The two have shared hints about their relationship with subtle flirting, not to mention Jones’ Instagram solely features of photo of the couple from March.


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The two have known each other since his Adult Swim days, with Badu providing a guest spot on a special musical episode of Black Dynamite titled, “The Wizard of Watts.”

The two also share a love for sculpting.

Just all the goals.

Here’s to love and happiness for our new favorite couple.