Erykah Badu Makes The Internet LOL With Hilarious Tweet


Erykah Badu is all things. She is singer, songwriter, performer, actress, mother, auntie, friend, sistah girl and as of late, comedienne. Our favorite analog girl in a digital world took to Twitter Saturday (April 8) to offer advice to anyone needing it in the form of #Askmeananbadu.

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While some users questioned Erykah about spirituality, long-distance relationships, how to spice up a 15-year-marriage and confidence, it was user @_LeKiddo_ that wondered about Badu’s hip-hop preferences.

A loaded question no doubt, as the debate over top five dead or alive has broken up friendships and been argued at barbershops across the nation. But seeing as though Ms. Badu has three kids with three of hip-hop’s best lyricists, answering the question could be perceived as a conflict of interest. So to avoid any side eyes at the next family cookout, Erykah gave the best answer possible.

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Twitter collectively fell out from the honesty and hilarity of Ms. Badu’s response. Thanks for the Saturday LOLs, Erykah. ‘Preciate you.