Florida Gunman Kills Two People Before Taking His Own Life At Equinox Gym

A former Florida fitness instructor tragically killed two people before taking his own life at an Equinox fitness club in Coral Gables, this past Saturday afternoon (April 8), The Miami Herald reports. The gunman, Abeku Wilson, reportedly opened fire on his former bosses only moments after he was terminated from his position for “workplace violence,” according to reports.

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Wilson reportedly worked that Saturday morning, having finished with a client only an hour before the shooting took place, authorities confirm. Following his fitness session, he was fired and escorted off of the premises by security. The situation soon turned violent when Wilson returned with a handgun, which he then used to open fire on employees inside the building around 1 p.m., according to The Herald.

Wilson reportedly shot his former supervisors — now identified as Janine Ackerman and Marios Hortis — multiple times before he turned the gun on himself. The two victims were rushed to the hospital in critical condition, where they later died as a result of their injuries. Miami-Dade police confirm that both victims were “targeted” in the shooting and that it was not an “act of random violence.” Wilson died at the scene.

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“There is nothing I can say to lessen the searing pain we all feel at this terrible moment,” Chief Executive Officer of the Equinox fitness chain, Harvey Spevak said in a Instagram post on Sunday (April 9). Police have not released information regarding the details of Wilson’s termination or what specifically may have prompted the horrific shooting.

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