Florida Mother Arrested For Allegedly Burning Son With Hot Iron

A Florida mother has been charged with suspicion of committing aggravated child abuse when it was discovered she burned her nine-year-old’s chest with a hot iron.

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The Sun-Sentinel reports Tamecha Jean, 32, was arrested Monday after anonymous tip was called into the Broward Sheriff’s Child Protective Investigations Section. After the Florida Department of Children and Families investigated the case, they discovered that the incident happened in February. The child had a quarter-sized mark similar to the shape of an iron on the center of his chest, along with a scar that could’ve been made with the edge of an iron on his left nipple. The incident reportedly happened after the child was punished for leaving his homework at school.

CREDIT: Broward Sheriff's Office

Pembroke Pines Police Capt. Al Xiques said Jean explained she was ironing before she disciplined her son with a belt. “She stated that the burning must have occurred while she was trying to discipline him by spanking him with a belt, and maybe she accidentally burned him twice while trying to spank him with the belt,” Capt. Al Xiques said. He also seemed suspicious of her story, given that the child had appeared to be fearful of his mother.

“That’s just outrageous, to use a hot iron as a type of punishment. It seems more like a form of torture,” he added. In her police report, Jean said she didn’t realize that her son was burned because he didn’t mention it. She also thinks he may have burned himself since he “moves around a lot while being spanked.”

Jean’s other children, a 2-year-old and a 16-year-old, were placed in foster care. The two children are able to see their mother during supervised visits.

Broward Judge Christopher Pole released Jean on her recognizance. Jean will have to wear an ankle monitor as the case continues.

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