Ginuwine And Tank Didn’t Appreciate Tyrese’s Comments About TGT


TGT fans should probably find a hobby because it appears as though a sophomore album from the R&B trio isn’t happening anytime soon. Tyrese and Ludacris stopped by The Breakfast Club Monday (April 10) to promote the eighth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, The Fate of The Furious. 

Now, before Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy could even begin to discuss the submarine, faster than the speed of sound cars and the over the top explosives in the film, Tyrese had to address a few things, namely the controversial comments about women and cosmetic surgery. He also touched on the hold up surrounding the new TGT album.

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“I mean listen man,” Tyrese said. “Ginuwine still wants an equal split.”

Before explaining why the group hasn’t gotten back into the studio, Tyrese expressed his love and respect for Tank and Ginuwine but said above all of that business is business.

“I want to make this short and sweet. At the end of the day I feel like we’re all brothers, we’re all family and all of the above, but let’s say if Chris [Ludacris] for example is getting $200,000 a show and I’m getting $30,000 a show I think my motivation to split with Chris would be pretty obvious, because if I’m splitting with Chris then I’m getting way more at the end of the day per show.” Tyrese said. “It’s business. Outside of brotherhood, and you my dude and my family, it’s business.”

Ginuwine quickly got wind of Tyrese’s claims that he was trying to mooch off him and took to Instagram to air his grievances.

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#PressPlay #Ginuwine isn’t here for #Tyrese’s comments.. but why? 😩👀

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Tank also offered his two cents on the matter and accused Tyrese of not being a team player.

“Tyrese feels he’s better than me and G,” Tank captioned. “Doesn’t have more hits, hasn’t sold more records but somehow he’s better, SMH. We can’t even get to the second album because n****s start with the David Ruffin sh*t.”

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Well people, let’s take a poll. Tyrese is an actor and aside from the Fast and Furious, films, he’s also had a recurring role in the Transformers sequels, and his last album Black Rose was the singer’s first number one record on the Billboard 200.

But Ginuwine gave us classics such as “Pony” and “In Those Jeans” and Tank’s vocal prowess cannot be denied. So, are G and Tank the background singers of TGT, or is Tyrese being a diva? Sound off in the comments.