Parents Of Man Who Traveled To New York To Kill Black Men Stop Paying For His Lawyer


James Jackson no longer has the financial safety net of mommy and daddy, and thus will have to pony up for his own layer. The white supremacist who journeyed from Maryland to New York City in March with the intention of killing black men will try his luck with a court appointed lawyer, the New York Daily News reports.

“I am retained counsel and I am told that I am not going to be paid past today,” Sam Talkin, Jackson’s attorney said Monday. (April 3) Judge Charles Solomon questioned whether or not the family could afford a lawyer, to which Talkin said he couldn’t confirm if money was an issue.

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“Whether they have funds or not, I’m not sure, but I can say that his parents are not going to pay,” Talkin replied.

Judge Solomon then spoke directly to Jackson and asked if he could afford an attorney.

“I do not,” said Jackson.

“How about friends, relatives?” Solomon inquired.

No,” Jackson replied.

Jackson, who in a jailhouse interview described his parents as “typical liberal,” drove a 22-inch sword into Timothy Caughman’s back on March 17.  The homeless 66-year-old stumbled into a local Midtown precinct before dying at Bellevue Hospital. The 28-year-old veteran said the reason he killed Caughman, and wanted to kill other black men, was to stop white women from dating them. The day after the attack, Jackson turned himself into police.

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Jackson will be given a court-appointed lawyer and is due back in front of the judge Wednesday. (April 5)