Jesse Williams Calls The Viral Racist Promposal “Dumbf**kery”

Gone are the days when simply asking your crush to prom–which is the most important social affair of your high school years–acceptable. Now teens have leveled up in creative ways generations prior couldn’t fathom. However, some promposals (as they’re called) aren’t extravagant or creative. Some are vile, rude and racist. A group of Florida teens went viral for a promposal sign that was neither sweet nor endearing.

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CREDIT: Jon Aro via Twitter

The photo instantly plucked at the nerves of many online for its blatant racism and insensitivity. When Grey’s Anatomy actor and activist Jesse Williams saw the cardboard sign, he took to Instagram to express his angst and disgust.

“Trash and tragedy the likes of this requires a great many failures, lies and omissions, working in concert, publicly and privately, to achieve this level of destructive dumbf**kery,” the 35-year-old actor captioned.

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Williams’ sentiments have been shared by many who saw the offensive sign, and on Friday officials from Monarch High School in Coconut Creek, Fla announced the students had been suspended. One of the student’s father apologized and said the sign was an “inside joke.”

“They really want to apologize for their extremely poor choice of words in this situation.They would like to take it back. They would like to find a different way to express this invitation to prom.”

Yes, anything but this sign or type of sign would suffice