Jimmy John’s Cashier Nonchalantly Hands Over Cash Register Tray To Armed Robber


This Jimmy John’s employee is the living definition of unbothered. According to WKRG, a Kansas City, Mo.-based restaurant experienced a bizarre robbery on Wednesday night (April 26).

An unidentified “customer” placed an order at the sandwich shop around 9 p.m. and while the cashier punched in his request, he proceeded to pull out a handgun and bring it uncomfortably close to the worker’s face.

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Despite staring down the barrel of the gun, the cashier calmly removed the entire register and placed it in arm’s reach for the assailant, who walked away with bills and change but decided the sandwich he ordered wasn’t a necessity.

According to Complex, viewers concluded that the handgun jammed, possibly leading the cashier to pick up on that tidbit and remain cool under pressure. Authorities are still searching for the suspect and it’s unclear how much money he got away with.

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