Jimmy John’s Cashier Speaks On Keeping His Cool During Robbery: “I Wasn’t Intimidated”

The stoic approach of a Jimmy John’s cashier who was robbed at gunpoint has caught the attention of millions and brings new light to keeping calm under pressure.

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Tuker Murray, the Assistant General Manger at the Kansas City, MO. location was robbed Wednesday (April 26), WIBW reports. Video surveillance captured the moment where Murray nonchalantly complied with suspect Terry K. Rayford, who pointed a gun directly in his face. Without breaking a sweat, Murray removed his plastic gloves before giving Rayford the cash (and change) in the register. Murray even showed the gunman the empty drawer before he took off.

CREDIT: Kansas City, Missouri Police Department

After the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department released the video on YouTube, many praised the cashier for his reaction while others noticed that the gun was actually jammed.

Speaking to TMZ Saturday (April 29), Murray said he wasn’t intimidated by the gunman and had no idea the gun was jammed. “I wasn’t really worried about it to be honest. He wasn’t that intimidating,” he said. “If I would’ve known the gun was jammed, I would’ve tried to grab it since he was all the way over the counter.”

Rayford was later arrested and charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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