Juliet “JuJu” C. On Being Afro-Cuban: “I’m Going To Rep ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off”


Juliet “JuJu” C. took to Latina recently to profess the celebration of her multifaceted Afro-Cuban skin she’s in. “Yo soy Cubana [and] I’m going to represent it until the wheels fall off,” the reality TV star-turned-author proclaims.

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JuJu goes on to discuss her mother’s bold travels to the United States, and how that has influenced her own strength and passion to inspire other girls with her platform. She explains her mission for her platform is to, “represent Afro-Latinas well, and overall just us women, to show that if I can do it, you can do it too.”

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Juliet rounds out her spot with shedding light on the importance of “loving the brown skin that you’re in” during a climate that perpetuates the opposite. She opens up about her experience with the infamous “you’re pretty for a brown skin girl” backhanded compliment. She then segues into people criticizing her for owning her Afro-Latinidad, claiming she wants to be “exotic” or different. But in reality, if you let JuJu tell it, “there’s Afro-Latinos everywhere. We’re out here and I want to represent us.”