Kanye West Reportedly Wanted The N-Word Included On Every ‘WTT’ Song

According to sources, Kanye West had a very controversial plan for the Watch The Throne tracklist. His 2011 collaborative album with JAY Z might be filled with completely different song names—from the version we have today—if Yeezus had his way.

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During one recording session, Yeezy was reportedly heard attempting to convince Hov on the notion that each song on WTT have the word n*gga included in it, “so everyone has to say it and they have to confront it.”\

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Apparently, Hov wanted to call their smash hit from the album, “Ball So Hard,’ but it was Kanye who urged him to go with “N*ggas In Paris.” Sources close to Kanye and JAY Z have yet to speak on the matter, but we have a feeling this conversation is far from over.

The Watch The Throne talk starts around the 1:48:20 mark during the interview below.