This Rapper Is Convinced He Influenced Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” Track

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It’s hard to ignore the many levels of “DNA.” The offering from Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album DAMN., was released last week along with a memorable music video to match. With the song gaining stride on the Billboard charts and social media, an indie rapper has come forward to question the origins of the Mike Will Made It produced track.

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The artist who goes by the name D.Zign beleives “DNA” has a resemblance to his 2016 single “I Got I Got I Got.” The rapper took to Instagram and Facebook to make his allegations known. “So… Kendrick just gonna steal my sh** on his ‘DNA.’ song?” he said along with a possibly self-made meme.

An affiliate of the rapper also posted a side by side audio to compare the tracks. While both rappers use the phrase “I got,” listeners are trapped between a simple coincidence or a major reach. After only racking up a couple hundred listens at the time of it’s release on Soundcloud, “I Got I Got I Got” has hit the 9K range.

In an interview with GQ, Sounwave explained the creative process behind DAMN, which meant no one was leaving the studio until they created the best project possible. “Once he [Kendrick]  got his whole brainstorming thing down and we knew the direction we were going we locked down the studio for months,” the Grammy-winning producer said. “Never left. Literally sleeping bags in the studio.”

Take a listen to both tracks below.

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