Khalid Performs “Location” On ‘The Ellen DeGenres Show’


Khalid is already soaring beyond the clouds in his short, but lucrative career. After exploding on Soundcloud with his addictive single “Location,” the crooner’s iPhone has been buzzing nonstop with inquires.

To date, the track has over 28 million streams on that platform alone. That’s not bad for a kid who usually comes up with his best tunes in the shower. Earlier this year, the singer revealed that he often writes music while getting himself squeaky clean.

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“A majority of the records started out in the shower,” Khalid revealed at an Apple store event in March. “I would have my phone out and make voice memos in whatever mood I was in. I would get to the studio, meet with the producer and say, ‘This is what I was feeling, let’s build off of this.’ Half of the time the lyrics would be already written, sometimes they wouldn’t. We would go in and build it from the ground up. I feel like spending all that time on the record allows me to connect emotionally because it’s almost like your child.”

The latest of his accomplishments happened this week when he skated on down to The Ellen DeGeneres show for his first performance with America’s favorite daytime host. As middle America gazed on with joy, Khalid brought all of the vibes for the in-studio audience to eat up.

Khalid’s American Teen album is available for purchase on iTunes now.

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