KYLE And Lil Yachty Bring Childlike Fun In Colorful Video For “iSpy”


KYLE’s hit song “iSpy” is heating up the charts, and is currently sitting in the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart. The track features Lil Yachty, and the duo get animated in the colorful visual for the album.

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KYLE and Yachty’s heads are attached to little kid’s bodies for the duration of the video. At the visual’s start, the two are sitting in the sandbox discussing the positive side of life. They’re also seen on the see-saw, playing in the sand and playing the piano during the video. Since it’s still a rap video, there’s no shortage of bikini-clad women and sexual innuendos. However, both work to the video’s advantage.

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The Cali-bred rapper told Billboard that the success of the song is “more like a blessing and less like something I deserved.” Check out the entire video below.

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