Mayte Garcia Reads Excerpts From Her Memoir ‘The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince’

Earlier this month, Mayte Garcia, reality TV star and ex-wife of the late music icon Prince, released a memoir titled The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince. Throughout the book, Garcia details the totality of her relationship with The Purple One from the moment they met when she was only 16-years-old. Last Friday (April 21), Garcia was filmed (see video above) reading a few excerpts from her book for Latina magazine, and the re-tellings are beautiful, yet heart-wrenching.

“‘Our souls are the same, but our flesh is different.'” Garcia says, reading a letter Prince wrote to her in the 1990s. “‘If we trip on these things, material or worldly, then we will always trip on these things. One of the main reasons I love and worship you is that you don’t have a history. And what’s more beautiful is that you don’t desire one.'” The Hollywood Exes star shares that Prince was referring to how special he believed she was because she was a virgin when she joined his band at the age of 18.

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Prince and Garcia were only married for two years, but his impact on her was lasting. In the memoir, she reflects on the last few months that Prince was alive and how she has regrets about not seeing him.

“‘Randee assured me that the rumors were just rumors,'” she reads. “‘She said Prince was fine, and that there was no reason to come up to Minnesota.'” Speaking of a conversation she had with Randee St. Nicholas in January of 2016, Garcia expressed regret that she did not come to see Prince, her friend above all else, despite the protestations of the people around him.

The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince hit shelves April 4, 2017, and can be found at most major retailers.