Rapper Messiah And Hennessy Host Q&A On Latin Trap Music


A hodgepodge of tastemakers, journalists and hip-hop heads gathered at Club Avenue in Chelsea, New York recently to bear witness to a live Q&A featuring Hot 97’s Laura Stylez and Dominican rapper-singer Messiah El Artista. Graciously hosted by cognac powerhouse Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege, the discussion largely delved into the genre of Latin trap, which Messiah has been credited for helping pioneer.

CREDIT: Antoine Reid

“You can say that I didn’t just change the Latin hip-hop with the Latin trap. You can say that I’ve kind of changed the urban game, period, because now everyone is just doing trap,” Messiah told us earlier this year, at SXSW 2017. “So, a lot of people who were urban merengueros, urban bachateros, a lot of dudes are now literally saying, “Yo, we’re just doing trap” and having a lot to do with that is definitely an honor.”

CREDIT: Sharisse Daley

The evening commenced with copious servings of Hennessy crafted cocktails, and concluded with a live performance by the New York-bred MC, who will partake in a special panel on Latin trap at this year’s Billboard Latin Music Awards in Miami at the Ritz Carlton.