Michigan Bill Hopes To Prohibit Undercover Cops From Having Sex With Prostitutes


Well this is…”interesting.”

Up until last week, undercover Michigan officers received immunity from prosecution for having sex with prostitutes during an investigation. That’s all about to change with a recent bill passed by the Senate committee in hopes to make officers face severe consequences if they break the proposed law.

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According to reports State Sen. Judy Emmons (R-Sheridan) proposed bill SB275 in hopes to prevent sex trafficking, and says Michigan has the unflattering distinction of being the last state in America to have this law, said University of Michigan law professor Bridgette Carr. Hawaii did away with the in 2014.

“This is as succinctly written as anyone could make it. It eliminates the opportunity for those in undercover law enforcement to engage in sexual intercourse with someone they’re investigating,” said Emmons. “We have the dubious distinction of being the last state in the nation to have this law in our books.”

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Although Emmons said there’s no evidence showing officers having sex with prostitutes while undercover, she hopes this bill stop the exemption. The proposed bill now moves to the full Senate for consideration.