A Mother Pulled Out A Gun And Threatened A Barber Taking Too Long Cutting Her Son’s Hair


There are certain bonds that are ironclad.  The bond between man and dog, man and his favorite sports team and the bond between a man and his barber. The loyalty is unwavering so much so it’s understood that someone needing a haircut or shape up will wait hours if need be for their favorite barber to work their magic. One Cleveland mother however doesn’t subscribe to that theory.

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According to CBS 19, local authorities are on the hunt for a mom who grew impatient with how long it was taking the barbers at Allstate Barber College to cut her son’s hair, and pulled a gun from her purse threatening the barber. In the footage captured, the unidentified woman can be seen holding the gun before placing it back in her purse. Student barber Al Pugh said he was shocked, but can be seen diffusing the situation. Allegedly, the mother said “I got two clips. I’ll pop you!”

“You don’t know what people are thinking so yeah, she could have shot me, maybe even shot her son,” Pugh said.

The barber finished cutting her son’s hair and she left with her children. Thankfully no one was hurt but the incident rattled more than a few nerves. Pugh said what was more shocking was that her son didn’t react to seeing his mother pull out a weapon.

“He was just kind of numb to it. He didn’t move, he was numb to it,” Pugh recalled.

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While the incident happened on April 14, police released the surveillance video over the weekend in hopes to nab the impatient mother. Allstate Barber Owner Michael D’Amico said he’s been cutting hair since the 1960s and doesn’t want customers afraid to patron his shop. Pugh however is still in disbelief the situation escalated simply because of a haircut.

“A six-dollar hair cut. A six dollar haircut,” he said shaking his head.

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