Kendrick Lamar Tells Us There’s “More Music” On The Way


Appearing at a special signing session in his native Compton, Kendrick Lamar thanked fans via Facebook Live for all their unwavering support, confirming in the process that he, indeed, has “more music coming.”

“All my loved ones, I really appreciate y’all—my kinfolk family, kinfolk clan aight […] We going to continue to bang this, I got some more music coming […] I appreciate y’all. We going to see you in a minute, aight?”

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After releasing by surprise his behemoth of an album DAMN. earlier this month, fans and conspiracy theorists alike were left expecting a consecutive follow-up, as rumors of another impending new record spread.

Upon learning on Coachella Sunday (April 16) there was no second LP, many were left fairly disappointed. It turns out, the Grammy-winning rapper has something else up his sleeves, and we can’t wait for it.