Nas Warns About The Dangers Of “Angel Dust”

Since the days of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, rappers have warned about the dangers of drug abuse. Currently hip-hop does have a love affair with narcotics, we can’t deny that, but the veterans of the game know there are no positive outcomes when hard drugs are involved.

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Nas is the latest elder statesmen from the rap world to denounce mind-altering substances. Like Gucci Mane, the Queensbridge native gives fans a clear message when it comes to “Angel Dust”—just say no. New York City was plagued with the cheap but deadly drug since the 1970s when vials of dust were readily available on street corners in Harlem, Brooklyn and The Bronx for just a few dollars.

As XXL points out, the song is featured on the soundtrack for part 2 of Netlfix’s hip-hop drama series, The Get Down.

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