Pepsi Gets Blasted Over Ad Using Soda And Kendall Jenner As Protest Peace Treaty

Pepsi missed the mark with their attempt at a socially conscious ad campaign. The company is being called out for using Kendall Jenner, and a can of soda, as a protest peace treaty.

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In the commercial, released Tuesday (April 4), Jenner leaves a modeling gig and casually hits the streets with a crowd of  “protestors.”

Along the way, the 21-year-old model picks up a can of Pepsi to hand it over to (an apparently thirsty) police officer.

The visual mimics a 2016 photo of Ieshia Evans boldly standing in the face of authorities during a Black Lives Matter protest, following the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling.

After the commercial clearly backfired, Pepsi released a statement in response to the growing backlash.

Peep some of the Twitter reactions to the commercial below.


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