Premiere: Domani Harris’ Paints A Real Life Picture In “Playalistic Music”

Domani Harris has been proving himself to be one of one more underrated voices from his neck of the woods with the release of his critically acclaimed project, The Constellation EP. With a more seasoned flow, he keeps the momentum rolling with an eye-opening look at the grim nature of the Atlanta trap world in his new video for “Playalistic Music.”

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Directed by Phillyflyboy and Domani himself, they give fans more of a introspective and musically vibrant look at The Constellation EP. The video’s deep story starts with a young boy watching his father live the trap life only to grow up with aspirations to pack guns the same way he did. When the character Domani portrays becomes older, he becomes discouraged about getting involved in the streets after he witnesses his friends succumb to the drug game.

“Playalistic Music” tells a somber, but all too familiar tale of a young kid from ATL who follows his homeboys in the trap only to meet a tragic fate in the end. The strong narrative revolves around how the influence of successful elders in one’s environment can actually lead to fatal consequences without the right knowledge of self.

“The message that I wanted to get across in this video, is that you have to always realized that somewhere out there, there’s a little kid, or somebody else that looks up to you, that wants to be just like you,” Domani explains. “Whether you wanted this responsibility or not, and in this case the most influential people around this child (played by Domani} took that responsibility for granted. They lead him in the wrong direction which lead to the kid losing his life for their actions.”

If you have been sleeping on The Constellation EP, it’s time to wake up!