Premiere: Rapper Movi3 Begins His Hunt For More Cash In “Need A Bag”

Rapper Movi3 is on a serious hunt for stacks of cash in his debut single “Need A Bag.” The 26-year-old rising MC became “Movi3″ back in high school after his skilled footwork and speed reigned supreme in football, basketball, and track & field. Eventually, Movi3 left his aspirations of being a pro athlete behind once he began to embrace his passion for music, which stems deep from his blood line.

In 2013, Movi3 began to record in the studio with his cousin Jason DeRulo. He’s spent the last four years busy in the lab cooking up beats and bars with his team for his debut project X Days Later, which he plans to drop this year. “Need A Bag,” which was produced by OG Parker, is the first single to come from his forthcoming project X Days Later, which features production from Smash David, Onassis, Mix, Young Juve and plenty more.

“It’s a record that I thought was really dope,” Movi3 told VIBE. “Everybody needs a bag no matter if you’re working 9-5 or if you’re a police officer or a judge. No matter what it is you’ve gotta get a bag. Everything else is irrelevant.”

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Movi3 praises his relatives to exposing him to music before he excelled in sports. He claims that music has always been his “family’s happy place.” After letting his creativity run wild in numerous sessions with DeRulo over the years, Movi3 believes his sound has evolved into a clever mix of “Bob Marley smoking a joint with Marvin Gay listening to Lil Boosie.”

Catch the world premiere of Movi3’s new single “Need A Bag” below and find out more about the rising MC with a visual introduction to Movi3 directed by Wil “Flexx” Fernandez of FlexxFilm.