Apple Music Reportedly Express Interest In R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped In The Closet’ Sequel

Apple Music’s venture into the world of television and film has sparked discussions and inquiries since the announcement of a series featuring Dr. Dre and the housing of a Cash Money Records biopic. Now, the music conglomerate seeks to revive a 2005 self-described “rap opera.”

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According to Bloomberg, the executives over at Apple Music have expressed interest in a sequel to R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet video series. Spanning 33 installments, the Chicago native’s string of dramatic plots premiered over the course of 2005 to 2012. Each storyline of infidelity, lies and drama were intertwined over a progressively blaring instrumental.

In 2007, the songwriter/producer said that Trapped in the Closet took on a life of its own, describing it as an “alien.” He continued, “I don’t know how to explain how I wrote it. It just keeps rhyming and rhyming.” He also shared, at that time, that he had “51-and-a-half more chapters to bore y’all. We just gotta get the budget to shoot ‘em all. I ain’t got no job, I got nothing else to do!”

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As for Apple Music exec Jimmy Iovine, the company’s launch into other facets of pop culture is just beginning. “A music service needs to be more than a bunch of songs and a few playlists,” he said. “I’m trying to help Apple Music be an overall movement in popular culture, everything from unsigned bands to video. We have a lot of plans.”