Cannabis-Induced Dreams: 7 Modern Songs To Set The Mood For Getting Lifted


April 20 is notoriously celebrated by weed heads across the globe, making 4/20 as every stoner’s dream holiday an annual commemoration of the coveted plant. The transformative potential of music has long played a role in the holy ritual of sparking one up and toking some grass. Whatever your cypher looks like, rest assured it is not one that should be without a most necessary soundtrack to help find your groove in the ganja. There are many artists across varied genres – hip-hop, R&B and alternative included – whose offerings deserve a good spin on a day like today—seven tracks to be exact. Some are well known. Others are semi-hidden gems. All make for a righteous session of getting lifted. Peep the rundown, and happy National Weed Smoking Day!


Wiz Khalifa – “Up,” Kush & Orange Juice (2010)

Wale – “The Breeze,” More About Nothing (2010)

Ibeyi – “River,” Ibeyi (2014)

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Childish Gambino- “Flight Of The Navigator,” Because The Internet (2013)

Abra- “Fruit,” Rose (2015)

Massive Attack, “Paradise Circus” (2009)

Kendrick Lamar, “ADHD” (2009)

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