A True Hollywood Story: 7 Of The Best Charlie Murphy Moments


The comedy world is grieving one of their own as it was confirmed Charlie Murphy died from complications with his battle with leukemia on Wednesday (April 12).

The comedian was the older brother of Eddie Murphy and helped bring Chappelle’s Show endless laughs with his special “True Hollywood Stories” skits about the late Rick James and Prince. While the world enjoyed the stories Murphy brought to the sketch comedy show, Murphy also delivered magic to the roles he played alongside fellow greats like his brother (Harlem Nights), Ice Cube (a la Player’s Club) and much more.Here are just some comedic moments where Charlie shined the brightest.

Here are just some comedic moments where Charlie shined the brightest.

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1. Charlie Murphy’s “True Hollywood Stories” (2003-2006)

Quite arguably his most recognized feat, the Queens native’s stint on Chappelle’s Show brought him mainstream success in the mid-2000’s. Looking back on his social interactions with his brother in Hollywood, the comedian shared hilarious memories about Rick James and notably Prince, who possessed culinary and athletic skills. Murphy was also a writer on the series and created the characters Tyree of the “Mad Real World” and Buc Nasty of “The Player Haters Ball.”

2. CB4 (1993)

In the classic ‘93 satire, Murphy’s Gusto character is the epitome of a bada**, so much so that he decided to take things up a notch. Murphy shared with Nardwuar in 2010 that he brought a loaded gun to his audition and pointed it at Chris Rock as a response to the fellow comedian’s request to be “meaner” during his call back. It’s safe to say it worked since Murphy scored the role.

3. The Boondocks (2010)

Ed Wuncler III taught us a little something about life during his time on Aaron McGruder’s brainchild, The Boondocks. Ed was a former soldier turned career criminal with Rummy (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson), where the two would share intellectual convos of sorts on life. A favorite among fans, Ed and Rummy’s theories on technology stood out the most as they disagreed on the dangers of the digital world.

4. Black Jesus (2014)

Strong and wrong, Murphy’s Vic character wasn’t the biggest fan of Jesus (played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson). As the head of the Cali housing complex, Vic made sure to always stay on top of Jesus and annoy us all with his elaborate plans. While the character wasn’t his most colorful, it paired him with John Witherspoon, giving us double the laughs.

5. Vampire In Brooklyn (1995)

Directed by the late and great Wes Craven, Murphy helped pen the screenplay starring his brother Eddie, Angela Bassett and Allen Payne. The film may not have been a big hit at the box office, but its cult following has kept it thriving.

6. Harlem Nights (1989)

Hailed as another cult classic, Charlie stood among greats like Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, and Della Reese. His role as Jimmy was minor, but it was just one of the early roles that ushered him into Hollywood.

7. Charlie’s Standup

Charlie’s standup was also one to remember, with skits about Tupac, his decision to vote for former President Barack Obama and his take on social issues. In 2014, Murphy made his return to the stage with Eddie Griffin, George Lopez, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps and D.L. Hughley in “The Black & Brown Comedy Get Down.” The show is still going strong and Murphy’s presence will surely be missed.

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