Shekinah Jo Anderson Explains Domestic Abuse Claim On Instagram Live


On Monday (April 24) Shekinah Jo Anderson, the best friend of rapper T.I.’s estranged wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, posted a graphic photo on Instagram of her swollen, tear-stricken face after an alleged domestic violence incident. She later deleted the photo, but felt it necessary to take to Instagram Live and fully explain her situation.

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During the live session, the reality TV star stated that she felt the need to speak on her experience because, by posting the photo, she put her personal business on everyone’s radar. She wanted to set the story straight and clap back at those speaking ill of her judgment.

“I’m real,” she says. “I don’t know if any of y’all know that, and I don’t have anything to hide from none of y’all.”

Anderson shared the details of two other incidents of violence and was very deliberate in her explanation, at times pointing to her own faults.

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“The first time me and this young man got into it, we were tussling because I was hitting him,” she says. “It ain’t no secret. I was hitting him. He accused me of something and I popped him. I was wrong. I take that. The second time he mushed me in my face before The Real. Let’s get it clear. I didn’t get my a** beat. I got mushed in the face.”

She goes on to explain that she did contact the police before taking her story to Instagram, but she claims they weren’t helpful. She also asserts that she is no longer in a relationship with the man responsible for her injuries.

Watch the full clip here.