‘Showtime At The Apollo’ Is Shaping Up For A Comeback

Move over American Idol fans, the OG talent search is coming back to TV sets. Steve Harvey is bringing back the nostalgic essence of amateur night with a return of Showtime at the Apollo with the help of Fox. The weekly series, taped at the famed Harlem locale, will make it’s return for the 2017-18 broadcast season. After the success of the two previous specials, Steve Harvey will resume his regular Apollo hosting duties. You know, for the culture.

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“We all had such a blast on the two specials that aired earlier this season, that we thought it really deserved being a weekly event,” Harvey said in a statement. “But our mission is a little different this time around. Instead of just putting on a great show, we’re going to do that and find the next great comic and the next big music star. That’s what the Apollo is all about. My roots are on that stage and I can’t wait to be there every week, looking for great talent. Who said you can’t go back home again?”

Details as to where exactly the show—which will be executive produced by Jim Roush and Chris Wagner, showrunners Reginald Hudlin and James McKinlay, director Don Weiner, IMG’s Michael Antinoro and Apollo Theater’s Jonelle Procope—will end up are still unclear.

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Keeps your eyes peeled for new information and a chance to stumble across the future Lauryn Hills, James Browns, Michael Jacksons, Stevie Wonders and Jazmine Sullivans of music, all of whom are Apollo alumni.