Smino Delivers The Liberating Gifts Of Black Love With Jean Deaux-Directed “Anita” Video

We fell in love with Smino’s “Anita” when it first dropped, so it makes it that much better that there’s softly radiant visuals to pair with the soulful track now that blkswn is out. Smino dropped the music video yesterday (Apr. 4) and received nothing but praise.

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The St. Louis rapper stuck true to his vision of emphasizing “how raw a black woman is” as he highlighted the light that his on-screen and real-life love interest, Jean Deaux brings to his life as the director of the video.

The cover art was a snippet into what would be in store for the video. The couple explores what appears to be the gawky nature of a first date at a billiard’s bar, with deep red hues filling the atmosphere. As the day goes on, their love warms up the screen and they let us in to explore a sunny, wanderlust-filled desert scene and then head to the comfort and security of their home painted with soft pink hues. Smino awakens from his sleep, with the aforementioned scenes serving as a dream, to a dully-lit room without Jean. He jumps out of bed, gets his things together and drives off into a radiantly-lit day the with his “Anita” in a powder blue mustang.

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