Reggaeton Superstar Maluma Has Twitter To Thank For His Rise To Fame


Day 1 of the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conference saw Maluma take the stage in a special panel called “Socializing Maluma,” where the Colombian reggaeton star broke down how he uses social media to grow his brand as a burgeoning artist.

Moderated by Billboard’s executive director of content and programming for Latin music Leila Cobo, and associate Latin editor Griselda Flores, the Q&A went beyond the politics of just managing social platforms, Maluma also went as far as to credit one platform in particular for helping jumpstart his career.

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“When I started my career, it was a different time. I was born in the technology era. When I started my career I saw that everybody was using Twitter. That was the first social [platform] that I [learned about]. I started using Twitter a lot, and realized I had a lot of fans,” he said. “Then I saw that I can share my music on Twitter, and share my YouTube videos on Twitter. That’s how I knew social media was going to be a platform to show my music. That’s how I started. I started with Twitter.”

The discussion closed with an unexpected game of “Never Have I Ever,” during which the singer revealed a few fun tidbits for his loyal legion of followers. Watch the whole thing go down:

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