Sofia Vergara’s Flamenco Dancer Character For ‘The Emoji Movie’ Is A Perfect Match

We’re pretty sure Sofia Vergara is the life of the party no matter where she is, so it’s only fitting that she provide the voiceover for the flamenco dance emoji, a.k.a., the universal turn-up symbol from the upcoming film The Emoji Movie.

The flamenco dancer emoji has been reimagined for the film so that she resembles Vergara’s likeness. This version will twirl around the screen in a black dress, instead of the red dress she’s known for, with a single red rose clenched between her teeth.

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Much like Vergara herself, her character will serve as a constant point of humor throughout the film. “She is always doing the Flamenco,” Vergara tells People. “She does it in the morning when she gets up, she does it when she’s eating, she probably does it when she’s sleeping. It makes things like driving and putting on her makeup very difficult.”

Excited to be Flamenco Dancer in @emojimovie 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻!!! #emojimovie

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“I thought it was a great adventure and who doesn’t like an emoji?” Vergara says. “I thought it was going to be a perfect role for me because people are always saying that I look like her!’

The Emoji Movie is coming to theaters July 28, 2017.