Cleveland Shooter Steve Stephens Commits Suicide After Nationwide Manhunt

On Tuesday morning (April 18), Cleveland shooter, Steve Stephens, was found dead in Erie County, Penn., CNN reports. According to Pennsylvania State Police, the 37-year-old shot and killed himself after a brief pursuit.

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What was supposed to be a peaceful Easter Sunday (April 16) in Cleveland swiftly turned into a day of dread when Stephens got into a white Ford Fusion and aimed to ignite terror on innocent bystanders. A victim of Stephens’ aggravated murder was 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. The adored patriarch was on his way to another destination after leaving a family dinner. Reportedly, Stephens recorded the shooting on Facebook Live, and said his estranged girlfriend is the reason for Godwin’s death.

“I shamed myself. I snapped, I snapped. I just snapped, I killed 13 motherfuc*ers man,” Stevens was heard saying on the broadcast. “I’m about to keep killing until they catch me, fu*k it. I’m telling them to catch me.”

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A nationwide manhunt swiftly ensued. Authorities said Stephens’ whereabouts possibly spanned from New York to Michigan. Godwin’s family also pleaded for Stephens to turn himself in to law enforcement officials, and said that each relative forgave Stephens for his actions. In an interview with ABC News, Godwin’s daughter, Tonya Godwin Baines, said she can’t shake the image of her father losing his life, stating that the video “forever will be in my mind because I saw the fear in my father’s eyes.”

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