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Birds Flying High: 11 Stoner Anthems From Mixtape Weezy For 4/20

Puff, puff, pass. 

The day that’s known around the world as National Weed Smoking Day (April 20) – the ultimate stoner’s holiday – has arrived. Fun fact about 4/20: The origins stem from a group of five California teenagers called The Waldos and the exact time they used to meet up with each other before scoring some bud.

Throughout hip-hop’s existence the attitude toward marijuana in the culture and genre radically shifted from artists such as Dr. Dre famously saying, “I still express, yo I don’t smoke weed or cess” to the culture fully embracing the ganja with open arms. As the '90s came into full swing, weed smoking pioneers like Cypress Hill, Method Man & Redman, Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude, Three 6 Mafia and OutKast broke down the doors for the marijuana culture to exist as we know it. These rappers also helped lay down the foundation to exist one of the most prolific and legendary lyricists and weed connoisseurs, Lil Wayne.

From the moment Weezy F. Baby (F.K.A. Birdman Jr.) stepped off the Hot Boys porch and began making solo albums, he was destined for greatness. However, his legendary mixtape run of the early and mid-2000s is what helped not only make him a household name (gotta give credit to his scores of genre crossing collabos, too, in that regard), but made him into an icon that will stand the test of time as one of the greatest and most unique lyricists of all time. And within thousands and thousands of records, he made some of the best weed smoking music on the planet. In fact, it’s safe to say that Lil Wayne is one of the significant artists that defines what 4/20 is all about because of his free-spirited nature as an artist, man and ganja smoker.

In honor of this glorious day we all know as 4/20, VIBE pays homage to his legendary mixtapes as we present 11 of Lil Wayne’s best mixtape songs to spark one up to. So without further ado… Happy 4/20 ladies and gents!

“Birds Flying High” (ft. Juelz Santana) | Mixtape: Blow

Best way to enjoy: While smoking a blunt in deep meditation in solitude. Back when the often-teased (but sadly cancelled) joint album with Lil Wayne and Dipset’s Juelz Santana was practically the hottest thing to never exist, fans were given Mick Boogie’s classic mixtape prequel, Blow to hold us down until then.  The two have recorded tons joints together over the years, but “Birds Flying High” is one of their greatest that will forever stand the test of time, especially as a stoner anthem. The slow, groovy magic they’ve made with the Nina Simone sample makes it a catchy and smooth song to smoke to.

“Kush” | Mixtape: Tha Carter III Leak

Best way to enjoy: While smoking at least blunts full of OG Kush with the squad. “Kush” is one of Weezy’s more playful stoner jams that showcases his stream-of-consciousness style bars and arguably one of his most memorable mixtape records of all time. His light-hearted randomness through the song fits the mood perfectly after smoking some good OG Kush with the squad. This also includes one of Wayne’s most hilarious bars when he randomly spits, “Cristal, please/Crackers with cheese/N***a please.”

"Swag Surfin’" | Mixtape: No Ceilings

Best way to enjoy: At the most lit 4/20 party you can find while faded. Wayne’s No Ceilings mixtape is arguably one of the greatest mixtapes of the 00s and bangers such as his take on F.L.Y’s “Swag Surfin’” is the very reason why. Listen to Wayne’s explosive introduction as he goes on a dizzying four-minute rampage on the classic K.E. On The Beat production. Especially as he spits high octane bars like, I'm talking big s**t, n***a/Join my hit list, ni**a/What's the matter?/Check your bladder/I'm the s**t, piss n***a/Shoot the witness, n***a/Hold court in the streets/And convict this n***a/Oh dickless n***a. Smoke one to that.

"I Feel Like Dying" | Mixtape: Tha Carter III Leak

Best way to enjoy: While smoking the last of your stash in bed. The beauty of Wayne at his deepest is when he’s in that mode, he often produces some of the most cathartic music a rapper could make. And this is highly evident on both his mixtapes and albums. “I Feel Like Dying” is one of his more releasing moments where the moody soundscape is highly stimulating in a way that can make listens feel like they’re on his same cloud, but without smoking anything. It also brings his off-the-cuff lyrics to life as they set the stage for a brooding, somewhat depressing, and releasing melody.

"Single" | Mixtape: No Ceilings

Best way to enjoy: When you smoke the first joint after a liberating break up. For all intents and purposes, Lil Wayne made one of the greatest, cathartic break up songs of this generation. It’s a very liberating song listen to after being in a long and tumultuous relationship and nothing has ever gotten better. And when you smoke that much-needed fat joint after breaking up with them on 4/20, the 40’s signature dreamy and mellow soundscape amplifies Wayne’s universal declaration of being single.

"Poppin" (ft. Curren$y) | Mixtape: No Ceilings 2

Best way to enjoy: While dabbing in the VIP at the and popping bottlesAny real Lil Wayne fan knows that his older collaboration with Curren$y back in the back in the early Young Money days were some of the most lit records of his career. But this one is significant because it was one of the first songs they’ve reunited on since Curren$y left YMCMB to build his name in the indie world. The two spit some heat together over Rico Richie’s original hit, “Poppin”. And because its Lil Wayne and Curren$y together, it would be a crime not to light one to this.

"Magic" (ft. Gudda Gudda) | Mixtape: Dedication 3

Best way to enjoy: While rolling up and you’re lounging. Lil Wayne and Gudda Gudda flips UGK’s classic “Wood Wheel” to give us another solid stoner’s anthem from Dedication 3. As the project served as a coming out party to the Young Money collective we know and love today, Gudda Gudda showed a lot of promise on their collabo together as the two traded solid flows. The smoky, funked-out soundscape creates a the much needed smoked-out vibe that’s reminiscent of the cloudy haze of a smoked filled room.

"You Song" (ft. Chance The Rapper) | Mixtape: Dedication 5

Best way to enjoy: While smoking pre-rolled joints of loud with bae on 4/20.  Before they linked up for their epic collabo “No Problems”, Wayne and Chance got together to create a beautiful “love song” that supposedly isn’t a love song. The poetically beautiful lyrics and chorus by Chance matches very well with Wayne’s blunt and nonchalant approach when rapping about love (or his own version of it). On April 20, today, save that nice moon rock joint you copped with the nice wax drizzled around it and save it for your that special stoner woman in your life, because like “You Song”, that would make her feel special

"Fingers Hurting"| Mixtape: Sorry For The Wait 2

Best way to enjoy:  While smoking fat joints of Lemon Kush at beach. Preferably at the parking lot or the sand. That or while rolling up. This song is the unofficial theme song for when you first get that bag of that “good” and you inhale that strong, musk aroma, break it down, and roll up on a nice sunny day on the beach. The light and glitzy production sets the scene for this, along with a solid Wayne verse (although not one of his top tier performances of all time). The vibe “Fingers Hurting” gives off is certainly a fun one that fits 4/20 perfectly.

"Get High Rule The World" | Mixtape: Da Drought 3

Best way to enjoy: While smoking some Grandaddy Purp out of a Swisher Sweet, think about your dreams and plotting for the future. Or Monday. “Get High Rule The World” is one of Wayne’s more focused freestyles as he spits some of his most clever, wittiest, and grittiest bars from his classic mixtape, Da Drought 3. Weezy masterfully reworks Nas & Lauryn Hill’s classic duet into a track that describes something that most of us want to do. And that’s get high and rule the whole world! Who wouldn’t want to do that with this song serving as the soundtrack?

"Pussy, Money, Weed" | Mixtape: The Drought Is Over 4

Best way to enjoy: During a late-night creep or a romantic night fill of ganja. Wayne trades in his usual abrasive bluntness for a more sensual and alluring flow. He a flips well utilized sample of Outkast’s “Jazzy Belle” into a smooth and dreamy ode to loving a woman a much as he does his favorite three things. It’s a mood setting song that captures not only Wayne’s very rare romantic side, but it’s the perfect theme song for chilling with bae.

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5 Stories From Meek Mill's #CRWN Conversation That Flew Under The Radar

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Live from New York City’s Playstation Theatre, the stage was set with two throne-like chairs as Mill and Wilson's fans began to swarm through the packed house. Loaded with fans from Philly, Jersey and NYC alike, the crowd was buzzing in anticipation for Meek’s grand arrival. Introduced by Wilson, the veteran journalist briefed in-house and live-streamed listeners with his relationship with the Philly rapper, discussing the many times the two have linked “from the MMG days to now.”

“It’s just amazing to see how he’s continued to fight this adversity and continued to deliver great music,” says Wilson, engaging in a back and forth conversation with the crowd. “When you put out a title and say you’re going to name your album Championships, you better deliver,” Wilson continues. “And he delivered.”

Appearing on stage sporting a mid-length fur coat and glistening jewels, Meek and Wilson exchange a quick embrace as the live audience jumps to its feet to welcome their champion. Taking his experience to lean into activism, Meek engaged in a 90-minute conversation with the journalist, answers fan-questions and candidly tell his story as he sees fit.

But as tabloid fate would have it, one of the sole stories to come out of the meaningful conversation was his awkward date with then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z and Beyonce. The memories Meek decided to share like adorable moments with his son, his newfound position in the battle for criminal justice reform and recording Championships fell to the wayside.

But don't fret. Here are some other memorable moments from the interview.


1. Meek's Best Day in Jail Included a Visit From Kevin Hart

Meek's final day in jail was similar to the others. He woke up, successfully avoided jail food by making his morning oatmeal and knew his day was heading in a good direction when he won five consecutive ping pong games against his daily opponent– who want the smoke?

After heading back to his cell, Meek's day got a whole lot better when Kevin Hart and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin had pulled up on him by surprise. "They come on the block and I was like, 'Man come in my cell and see how this sh*t look,'" Meek starts. "So Kevin Hart and Mike, they come in the cell and they like 'It's not that bad,' they tryna make me feel good, I'm like 'The hell you mean it's not that bad? I got my boxers hanging up on the f**king string'" the rapper jokingly recalls. After the much-needed hour-long visit, Meek returned to his daily jailhouse activities when he learned that he would be released from jail within hours. What a day.

2. Friends and Family Would Send Him IG Post Printouts Through Mail

When Meek packed his cell to go home, he had over 10,000 photos to sift through since his tribe brought the world of Instagram to him through the mail. "I used to tell everybody like, 'Yo, just send me everything that's going on on Instagram, I wanna see everything that's  going on in life.'"

The rapper separated his photos by importance, keeping the photos of his family in a separate pile with his other pile (filled with pictures of all the IG models and famous ladies) holding a different level of importance to those who stood behind bars with him. "It was valuable cause some guys in there they got 25 years in this s**t, they ain't never see the fake a**es yet and the girls with the new bodies, so you know, they all in my cell like, 'What's up with these pictures?'"

3. He Purposely Steered Away From Lending Tekashi 6ix9ine Advice

While breaking down Championships cut "Respect the Game," Meek spoke on hip-hop's freshman class including Tekashi 6ix9ine, Lil Durk and YoungBoy NBA. "[Tekashi] used to be poppin' so much sh*t on Instagram, I be like 'I don't even wanna say nothing to this young boy, this young boy start sayin' all this crazy sh*t to me on the internet," he joked.

On a more serious note, Meek speaks on the real issue he had with 6ix9ine, sharing his concern for the 22-year-old's habits in starting drama with some of hip-hop's most dangerous faces. "With my music, I wanted to reach all of 'em," he said, explaining how when the music speaks for itself, you don't need to ensue controversy to sell records.

4. His 7-Year-Old Son Already Has a Rapper Name

Give it 10 years and we might see Meek Mill's son on the Billboard charts. Answering a fan question about "Lil Drip," Meek clarifies that Lil Drip is actually his son Papi's, rapper name. "Sometimes I be in the studio I be like 'Yo, I give you $500 if you go in the booth and rap right now and he just go in the booth and lay it.'" Sampling a few adorable bars, Meek reveals that his son consistently shocks him with his material, bringing up some of the most trivial experiences he's shared with Meek.

"He be like, 'Private jet/ Who I met/ Ben Simmons/ That's a bet,'" spits Meek, referring to a previous birthday trip he's taken with Papi.

5. Jay-Z's Verse on "What's Free" Was a Pivotal Moment in Meek's Career

A Jay and Meek collaboration has been a long time coming. In Meek's promotional single "Stay Woke" featuring Miguel, the rapper spits, "When I talked to Em and Hov, they said, "I'm proud of you/ You stood tall back when everyone doubted you"/ My reply is, "I did what I gotta do/ And I need that verse 'fore you retire too."

During the conversation, Meek speaks on "What's Free" with Rick Ross and Jay-Z, remembering the first time he heard Jay's 44 bar verse. "When I got it back I was in the bathroom, I was just standing in the mirror listening to it," he says while bopping his head, fully immersing himself in the moment.

"I represent the path that HOV created," Meek tells Wilson. "I always wanted that Jay-Z feature and he came through this time, shout out to HOV."

Stream the entire conversation here.

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