T.I. Doesn’t Want Your Input On His Marriage: “Just Sit Back And Watch The Show In Silence”

The marriage drama between T.I. and Tiny may be unfolding on national television, but that doesn’t mean the rapper cares about outside opinions. Tip made it perfectly clear that when it comes to his relationship, he’d rather have silent viewership.

“If I didn’t need your blessings to get married…. if I didn’t ask YOU what I should do then…. What makes you think I need your advice now?,” he captioned a video promoting his Hustle Gang Tour Friday (April 28). “Just sit back & watch the show in silence. Put ya phone on vibrate & extra butter on ya popcorn.”

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From social media to radio interviews, and reality T.V., the former couple’s marriage woes are splitting all over the place, and Tip’s self-proclaimed “friend” Bernice Burgos, added another chapter to the story.

The model is rumored to be involved with Tip on a non-platonic level, which she has denied. Yet things came to a boil a few weeks ago, when Burgos and Tiny took shots at each other on social media.

Tiny recently addressed the rift on an episode of the Wendy Williams Show.  “He’s not even with her, first of all,” she clarified of Burgos. “She had nothing to do with whatever was going on with us…she just came into the picture after I filed for a divorce.

“The only problem I had with her was somebody made a comment about her on my page, I said what I said, she replied, that’s cool. But then you come back another video speaking on my marriage, which is a no-no,” Tiny added. “Then you come back with the final video singing my song.”

Apparently, Tiny also had a discussion with T.I. about Burgos.

“I stepped to him ‘don’t she know her place?’ She’s supposed to be quite,” she recalled. “Every woman that’s not the one knows that you’re supposed to be quiet.”


As far as the marriage goes, Tiny officially served Tip with divorce papers earlier in the week, citing that their union is “irretrievably broken with no hopes of reconciliation.”

Check below for Tip’s Instagram post.

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