Spanish Harlem’s T-Juliette Isn’t Afraid To “Spaz Out” On A Cheater

Like many singers, Tiffany Juliette got her start in church. But when her love for choir turned into a dream of becoming a famous secular singer, her family first urged her to follow a different path in life—especially the pastors she calls her grandfathers.

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However as T-Juliette’s obsession with singing and songwriting was noticed by insiders in New York City’s competitive music industry, she started to branch out, and her loved ones eventually became supporters. At an early age she performed for VH1’s Save The Music campaign and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, along with various city officials numerous times.

Since then, the Puerto Rican-Dominican singer racked up a number of major looks, which includes singing background vocals for J. Cole. With a full length mixtape EPisode set for release on Friday (March 7), T-Juliette debuts her new single and music video, “Spaz Out,” (Produced by Trackmasters) today on VIBE.

“Spaz Out” is a record any man or woman can relate to, being in love and feeling so passionate almost makes you feel a little crazy,” she says about the song. “I write for myself and for the fans. Everything is relatable and from the heart.”