Premiere: StarrZ And Tate Kobang Are The “Word Round Town” In Baltimore’s Gritty Streets

StarrZ connects with his fellow Baltimore native Tate Kobang for a new music video from his upcoming album, Momma Named Me Colby. Slated for release this year, the very personal project shows the young rapper’s growth from a street corner rapper to hip-hop trailblazer.

Shot and directed by KB of the Love Culture, the “Word Round Town” video is akin to a regular night out with these two rising artists. With the city watching, the fellas want to make their hometown proud.

“The song came about because I believe I’m what everyone is talking about,” says StarrZ. “In my city, gossip and rumors are normal for the popular kids, and is evermore true after the success of Last Squad Standing. With that being said, it was only right to get my brother Tate Kobang on “Word Round Town” because we are two of the most talked about artists currently in Baltimore for the new school. Let’s give them even more to talk about!”

Momma Named Colby will be here sooner than you think.