Teen Who Saved Baby Cousin From Burning House To Be Honored By North Carolina Officials


A teen engaged in an act of bravery this weekend when one of his family members was trapped inside a burning house. According to WCTI-TV, 17-year-old Jarraine Gray ran back into his family’s Kinston, North Carolina home to save his seven-month-old cousin.

While standing outside with his grandmother’s, the fire began to take ahold of the house, which authorities believe started in the kitchen. That’s when Gray sprang into action to re-enter the home to rescue his baby cousin.

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“I ran back to get the baby, he was on my momma’s room. I ran back to get the baby and back through the front door because I couldn’t get out the back,” he said. The family’s home, which housed 11, burned down. A GoFundMe page was launched to assist them.

“For him to make that decision, to go into the house was honorable and heroic. This young man, with no turnout gear, ran in to save a life,” Cpt. Wiliam Barss said to the Kinston Free Press. “He did his duty as a loved one and a member of his family and saved a life. We are very proud of him.”

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Teen Vogue adds that Gray will also receive a top honor from the town’s city hall in the near future.