Thomas Forkner & Joe Rogers, Waffle House Co-Founders, Die A Month Apart


Just weeks after the passing of Waffle House co-founder Joe Rogers, Thomas Forkner has died.

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Forkner’s death was confirmed by the company spokesman Pat Warner on Thursday (April 27), Bloomberg reports. The 98-year-old died at his retirement home in Johns Creek, Georgia. Rogers, who was considered the “grill man” in their partnership died March 3 at the age of 97. The two opened the resturant chain in 1955, being one of the first to serve a limited menu of breakfast favorites. Aside from their waffles, other signature bites included biscuits and gravy and pecan pie. After stretching across the backroads and major areas of Atlanta, the chain expanded across state lines, making it the largest U.S. family restaurant chain and the number one spot for grub after the let out.

The decision to stay open for 24 hours was a chance idea from Rogers, which immediately worked in their favor. “I thought everyone went to bed at night, but I was wrong” Forkner told the Associated Press in 2005. The company entered the billion dollar status in 2015 after reaching $1.03 billion in sales.

Waffle House is also a fave among celebs and has shared its own moments in hip-hop by way of lyrics from Jermaine Dupri, Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane and many more.

It’s also the spot where this iconic photo happened.

Check out other classic hip-hop Waffle House mentions below.

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