The Husband Of A “Mislead” Trump Supporter Has Been Deported Back To Mexico


The wife of a once proud Donald Trump supporter has had a change of heart now that her husband of nearly 20 years has been deported back to Mexico.

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Speaking to BuzzFeed News on Thursday (April 6), lawyers of Roberto Beristain believe the resturant owner is sadly apart of Trump’s quick plan to deport foreign-born residents from the country. After arriving in the U.S. in 1998 to visit a friend, Beristain decided to stay. He then married Indiana-resident Helen Beristain in 2000 and filed the proper papers for employment. He also would check-in with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers every year. Things quickly changed for Beristain in February when he went to check in with ICE and was detained. “It all happened very, very quickly, and it’s like immigration services just wanted to get him out of the country so they didn’t have the potential challenge,” Adam Ansari, Beristain’s lawyer said.

Beristain is the owner of Eddie’s Steak Shed, a popular resturant in Granger and the father of four children. With no crimminal record, Anasri beleives the case is rather unfortunate. “We have 10 different attorneys working on this throughout the country and they all agree that this is highly unusual,” he said. Beristain’s wife said she punched her vote for Trump thinking he would remove foreign-born residents with crimminal backgrounds, leaving the “good” ones protected.

“We don’t want to have cartels here, you don’t want to have drugs in your high schools, you don’t want killers next to you,” she said. “You want to feel safe when you leave your house. I truly believe that. And, this is why I voted for Mr. Trump.”

Jessica K. Miles, a member of the family’s legal team says Beristain’s wife feels mislead by the entire situation. “[The Beristains were] coupled with misleading statements from ICE leadership about when he would be removed show a blatant disregard for his procedural rights,” she said.

Beristain was taken to Juarez, Mexico on Tuesday (April 4) but his lawyers are working to petition his deportation. Prior to Trump’s executive order targeting those who weren’t born in the states, many were protected under former President Barack Obama’s regulations with ICE, since those who posed a threat to public safety were highlighted the most.

Roberto’s family has found support from his employees and many of the people in the community. In a piece for the Huffington Post, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said he was surprised to see so many people with conservative backgrounds stand by the family. “[The] most striking of all is how many of the people now sticking up for Roberto are politically conservative,” he said. “These are small-town Indiana residents, veterans and grandparents who come to his restaurant after Mass or Rotary. They vigorously defend him as a man they are proud to call a friend. And the more I think about it, the more clearly it is consistent with their conservative values that they stand up for Roberto.”

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