UberPool Customer Says She Was Attacked By Another Passenger

Late January 2017, Jennifer Camacho booked an UberPool after she left an outing with friends. Unfortunately, what she believed would be a peaceful trip turned into a physical incident. According to the Associated Press, another passenger named Julie Ramer slashed the 25-year-old in the face.

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On Thursday (Apr. 6), news surfaced the Chicago resident filed a lawsuit against Ramer and Uber, stating the company continues to neglect the safety of riders who utilize the UberPool feature. The Chicago Tribune adds that Camacho sustained cuts from a 3-inch blade. Ramer’s motive is still unclear, but the 34-year-old was charged with battery.

“Uber is promoting a safe ride-share experience and is in the best position to make sure that its drivers and passengers are safe people,” said Bryant Greening, Camacho’s attorney. “They should be providing training for drivers on how to deal with these types of situations and mitigate violence if it does occur.” Camacho seeks a payment of more than $50,000 to cover medical expenses and damages from Uber, while Ramer was tacked with a $100,000 lawsuit, CBS reports.

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The UberPool feature allows passengers to share a ride with other customers in order to take advantage of a lower fare.