Booted United Passenger Suffers Concussion, Lost Teeth And Broken Nose

In the wake of David Dao getting brutalized by Chicago Aviation police during his removal from a Louisville-bound flight, attorney Thomas Demetrio, along with Dao’s daughter Crystal Dao Pepper, held a press conference to discuss possible forthcoming legal action against United Airlines.

Demetrio told reporters that the 69-year-old passenger lost his two front teeth, sustained a “significant” concussion, and endured a broken nose, among other injuries. He confirmed that her father was released from the hospital Wednesday night, although he is in need of reconstructive surgery.

“He said that being dragged down the aisle was more horrifying and harrowing than what he experienced leaving Vietnam,” Demetrio said in reference to Dao fleeing Saigon during its fall in 1975.

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“What happened to my dad should never happen to any human being regardless of the circumstance,” said Pepper, who told reporters that the family was “shocked and horrified” to see video of Dao getting dragged off the flight in order to make room for a United employee.

Pepper and attorney Demetrio said that no one from United has reached out to apologize to Dao despite the public apology statement CEO Oscar Munoz released after the company took an $800 million hit amid the PR nightmare.

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Dao’s attorneys confirmed that they have begun doing “due diligence” in regard to preserving evidence before filing suit against United.

The article originally appeared  Death & Taxes.

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