We Have Questions: Vogue Calls Karlie Kloss’ Choice To Rock Timbs A “Fresh & New” Shoe Idea


We can’t be mad at supermodel Karlie Kloss for rocking a fresh pair of Timberlands. They’re comfy (sometimes) and can make any outfit pop, but we can’t deny eyebrows were raised to the back of our ears when Vogue decided to credit the 24-year-old for creating a new trend that goes decades beyond her existence.

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Let’s back up here. Vogue posted the article titled “Karlie Kloss Has a Fresh New Spring Shoe Idea—And You Might Already Own a Pair” on Friday (April 14). The model was seen chilling on the sunny streets of New York in a traditional get-up of jeans, a white t-shirt and the ankle length Timberland boot.

It’s no surprise Timberlands have been a staple in hip-hop culture, especially in the golden age of the genre. In 2014, Elle also failed to give credit where it was due when they declared the brand’s traditional boot a “new craze” with celebs like Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne and Gwen Stefani rocking the shoe. The article was reportedly taken down, but a gallery remained with the title, “Timberlands Are The New Birkenstocks.”

While we can’t continue to be surprised over the Columbusing of the culture’s most simple keys, we can at least continue to inform because, hip-hop lives forever.

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