Will Smith Cuts Jaden’s Hair Off For ‘Life In A Year’

Jaden Smith’s hair has become a part of his trademark style, but it seems like he might have to find another after his dad cut his dreadlocks off in preparation for his lead role in a new film,  Life In A Year.

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Jaden is getting ready for his latest role, which revolves around a teenage boy in love with a terminal ill girl and along with memorizing his lines, the actor needed to switch up his hairstyle and who better to give him a haircut then his pops and producer of the film, Will Smith.

Like many parents, Will documented the transformation and shared the pictures on his Facebook page captioning the pictures, “Getting Jaden Smith ready for the first day of filming #LifeInAYear…maybe I should’ve used scissors?!.”

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Directed by Mitja Okorn, known for his work in Letters to Santa, Life In A Year will star Jaden smith who will work alongside Cara Delevingne, Terrence Howard, Nia Long, and RZA.