Premiere: Young M.A. Celebrates 4/20 With A Brand New ‘Red Lyfe Freestyle’


Young M.A. is keeping her blunt lit as she teases fans with fresh bars on 4/20. Since the hype of her breakthrough single “Ooouuu” ran its course on the airwaves, the Brooklyn rapper has done well with keeping her momentum alive by dropping sizzling bangers like “Get This Money” and “Hot Sauce.” While her immense following continues to wait on her next EP Her Story and her debut album Her Story In The Making, Young M.A. links with producers Onassis & Xplosive and video production company MadMisfit for a brand new verse in honor of every stoner’s favorite holiday.

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In her new “Red Lyfe Freestyle,” M.A. reinforces her inspirational mantra as the hardest woman in the rap game while flexing her ability to cook up “hit after hit” with her aggressive wordplay. Blending in her love for the finest weed-filled spliffs, the artist nonchalantly disregards any and all challengers trying to take over her lane. “Got this rap sh*t nipped,” she raps at the end of her freestyle. “Nipped in the bud/ I’m not showing no love cuz that love gets you clipped.”

Roll up and watch Young M.A.’s new “Red Lyfe Freestyle” below.