Crew Love: 10 Celebrities Who Have Given Back To Their Fans

It’s quite refreshing to see some of our favorite celebrities giving back to their fans. Amid their conspicuous consumption and deep pockets, it just makes them seem more human. Last weekend Nicki Minaj was feeling extremely generous when she took to Twitter to announce she’ll help out some of her fans with any college expense they may have.

The catch is, they needed to have a perfect 4.0 straight A average, with proof of such.

Along with the Queens native, there have been a slew of other stars who have chosen to sporadically help their fans out financially or surprise them with a special event just because.

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Some have even taken the initiative to start their own charitable foundations. From paying for college to taking fans shopping to simply lending a helping hand to a community in crisis—you can bet for sure it’s highly appreciated. In efforts to show some love to the giving, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of your favorite celebs who have shelled out some serious cash or have been thoughtful in some way to their following.

Scroll in the gallery above.