10 Tender Moments Barack & Michelle Obama Held Hands


President Donald Trump’s hands might not be the source of comfort for First Lady Melania Trump, but the unpleasant moment has made for the perfect ingredient to Pete Souza’s tall glass of shade.

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On Tuesday (May 23) when the first lady refused to hold hands with Trump (for the second time) when they touched down in Rome, former White House photographer Pete Souza posted the perfect photo of Barack and Michelle Obama well, holding hands.

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Holding hands.

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Souza, who has shot many iconic photos of the former president and first lady, has dedicated his Instagram page to honoring his old boss as well as sharing his new work. While scrolling his page, we couldn’t help to think of the love and admiration the Obamas shared for each other during their time in the White House–and the times they’ve held hands.

Yes, we’re petty but this love deserves to be adored.

Relive it below.


10. When Barack was just a presidential hopeful in 2008 and Michelle stood by his side during a rally in Dartmouth College.

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9. When Michelle didn’t want to wave to the cameras as they departed the White House (still cute though).

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8. This lovely moment captured during the final day of campaigning before the Iowa caucus.

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7. When they bid farewell to the world during his final address as president in Chicago last year.

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6. The held hands in solidarity when they attended the Medal of Honor ceremony for fallen U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jared C. Monti.

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5. Obama was so happy to hold hands with Michelle at their first NATO Summit.

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4. Michelle didn’t smack Barack’s hand away when they arrived in London for the G20 Summit.

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3. When they were both adorably awkward during their first formal dinner at the White House.

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2. That time the couple put on their dancing shoes at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.

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1. And of course, when the two held hands at Obama’s first inauguration ceremony in 2009.

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Goals for life!

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