This Viral Video Of A Baby Brushing Her Mother’s Hair Is Truly All You Need In Life


There are a lot of reasons to be angry in the world. There’s heartbreak, injustice, loneliness and moments of uncertainty, so if you’re given an opportunity–for however brief–to partake in a bit of positivity, take it. Today’s happy moment comes by way of her mother and daughter who are enjoying some girl talk.

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In a viral video that has the Internet gushing with cuteness, a mother records her daughter brushing her hair. While the curly-hair cutiepatootie proudly rocks her pampers and demonstrates future salon type precision with a brush, the two commence to having your typical adult-baby conversation, equipped with facial expressions, and of course the nationally mandated number of “girl, yes” needed for any dialogue between two women.

The highlight of the video comes when the mother tells her daughter she got a hold of free tickets to Sea World. Losing her cool for just a bit, the little girl, who appears to be about 1 years old, can’t control her shock at the idea of seeing all the underwater animals.

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The Internet also couldn’t control the peak preciousness exhibited. At the time of the post, the video was retweeted 23,000 times with many online marveling at baby girl’s ability to participate in the discussion.

As stated , there’s a lot in this world to be upset or sad about, this video isn’t one of them and on behalf of the Internet we just want to say thank you.

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