Bronx Community Fights For Big Pun Street Name

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The beloved Bronx-bred, Boricua hip-hop legend may be honored with his very own street, as conducive to history of the culture. News 12 reported Friday (May 26) that community members are organizing to dedicate the Bronx’s 163rd Street to late rapper Christopher “Big Pun” Rios. The intersection of 163rd and Rogers Place is also home to the mural of Rios. Naturally, if a street should be named after the Latino icon, one of the aforementioned streets would be it.

In a spot with News 12 to discuss his father’s legacy and his own career, Big Punisher’s son, Chris Rivers, announces his support of the organizer’s efforts.

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“I think for the people of the Bronx that grew up listening to him, that was inspired by his words, and the millions of people that heard his music and it changed their lives, I think it’d be amazing to see something more concrete,” Rivers says.

The initiative has even gained attention of the municipal government. City councilman Rafael Salamanca confirms that if the borough’s residents and community board support it, he’ll present the co-naming to the City Council.

Big Pun, who died 17 years ago this February, became the first Latino rapper to go platinum thanks to his debut album, Capital Punishment. Besides through the lyrics of his daughter Star Rios, and son Chris Rivers, it seems his legacy will be able to live on in one more deserving way.

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