Man Gets Into Hilarious Confrontation With White Woman Who Wonders Why He’s Standing Around


Rarely do interactions between a scared white woman and a black man end peacefully or in laughter, but thankfully this is one of those times. In a video uploaded to World Star Hip-Hop, an unidentified black man is seen engaging in a hilarious confrontation with a white woman who allegedly wondered why he was just standing around.

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“I’ll go get my father right now,” the woman said.

“And I can call Jesus,” the black man responded.

As the woman begins walking away, from the video she can be seen becoming more irate screaming “Get away from me!” to which the man calmly responded “Call on Jesus. He’s a present help in the time of trouble. You’re distressed.”

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As the short video comes to an end, the man recording said the confrontation began because he said he owned a business and allegedly the woman responded saying she’s richer than he is, to which he questioned the validity of her statement.

“But you carrying a CD player, daughter of Christ.” Considering how left this could’ve gone, this is actually quite hilarious.